A Call For Collaboration

It is my hope to help inspire a feral culture of re-connection to the sustenance of food and spirit. There is nourishment in the realization that we have a beneficial role to play in this dance here on earth: as active participants within the greater ecology.

This is by no means a new idea, but rather an invitation to see the wilderness as wild gardens previously tended by nomadic peoples. It is an offering of inspiration to continue in that capacity as community players in our environments, from wherever we are now.

By gathering and sowing seeds for wild gardens, we are resolving to step back into a relationship of unconditional care. Many of the wild food plants that weave the landscape together are long lived perennials. The gardens we plant today will feed the wild ones of tomorrow. It all starts with a seed!

This site is meant to serve as a hub to stimulate a curious nature into action. What are the ways we can foster resilience in the green world that supports us all? How do we root into a direct experience of companionship with plants? What harmony can we find by grokking the sentience of all living beings? How do we walk as feral allies to the life that continues to sprout around us?

We are all apart of a larger spinning wheel of becoming. So much habitat degradation has been made possible by the illusion that we are separate from our world. A response to this trend has been that the world will be better without us. There are many plants who miss our interaction, and landscapes that can flourish from our light touch. We have this opportunity to reinvigorate a story of belonging for generations to come.

I look forward to collaborations of all kinds in this endeavor!