Seasonal Regions Project

This page will be the potential launching site for a citizen science project idea. The focus will be data collection of seasonal timing of wild food plant species from year to year. By collaborating with other wildtending minded folks, the idea is to get a picture of how specific plants are responding to climate changes within different regions. The hope is to be able to take cues from the plants to understand how we might “lend them our legs”.

Observations might include:

*Timing of emergence from the soil, flowering, seed set and fruit ripening.

*Success of seed production. Quantity and quality.

*False spring events that send perennial plants back into dormancy.

*Reference to: elevation, slope aspect and local conditions (ie. wet or dry soils, shady or exposed niches) where observations are made.

*Any other inspired connections to share from directly engaging.

By routinely checking in with these plant friends, we come to understand them better and help to bring recognition to their existence and well being.

If you are spending time interacting with plants in your region, feel free to connect to start this project.

Central Great Basin

Colorado Plateau

The Southwest

Northern California

Southern California

Sonoran Dersert

Eastern Oregon